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What should be the expectation when you have system bakery in your chain stores?

We already know that there has always been a competition in the bakery industry with challenges caused by reasons such as the wrong ingredient making you wind up with a sweet mess and taking care of the fresh products while making sure there is minimal wastage. To overcome these struggles, system bakery will be your support.

A regular bakery puts the squeeze on one paying attention to a recipe, following directions and participating n repetitive actions like kneading and mixing manually. However, with the system bakery, you are to have the required equipment building the progress at the finest and you do not need to be manual all the time since your equipment will be taking care of the processes. At the end, you are to have a sense of accomplishment that cannot be denied.

No more anxiety and stress will be experienced for the reason that we all know what lies ahead and we will not get worried by the question “what if”. Creating something for customers with your own hands – at the same quality with the same recipe and standart in your branches – all of these features make system bakery as the gift leading to the sense of accomplishment and fulfilment on the baker’s behalf.

Having a full understanding of your customers’ preferences makes it easier to customize your products to create the exclusive and the ultimate feeling in which they are to be taken into consideration. This progress is called as Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”as abbreviated). With the system bakery, you will always target the right audience.

System bakery contains smart digital technologies. By means of providing

  • Consistency
  • Continuity
  • Sustainability
  • Improved quality and process control

Summing it all up, system bakery is the great investment managing all the elements enabling you to smart and effortless productivity fulfilling your customers’ orders every time.

Bakery products typically contain a combination of agricultural components such as flour, sugar, fruit, dairy products, and non-agricultural components such as leavening agents, salt, flavorings. System bakery brings standardisation in each branch of your business by means of identifying previous source of raw materials in preparing the standard recipe for the chain store.

With a manual system, human force and much consideration used to be required for achieving this. Moreover, the results used to differ. Today, in a more competitive industry, this will definitely prevent you from having the same taste and the quality in all of the branches. With the system bakery, when you have a standard formula , there will not be a financial loss through waste of food and time due to human error.

By means of being allowed to have a foresight through knowing what to expect ahead is the huge advantage in the bakery’s management, since this will help to fulfill the expected demand, whether it’s a seasonal decline or the beginning of the end of a particular product’s popularity, with the system bakery, your taste and quality will never change in your chain stores.

Wiak Bakemarkt and System Bakery

We, as Wiak Bakemarkt, are to provide our customers a unique experience and cutting edge technology with our system bakery concept. We give service to chain stores, cafes and restaurants as well as boutique restaurants and patisserie.

Within the system in which smart technology does not need man power and does not allow any possible technical failure, by means of counting up the smallest details, we aim at the most excellent results while leading to the whole picture. At the present time where timing is the main essential element, we aim at constant customer satisfaction through enabling different needs to be listed and fulfilled at the same level in every branch, not allowing them get affected by external factors through being in collaboration with the highest qualified products and outstanding brands.

All the equipment throughout the system bakery make it possible to ensure the permanent and standard quality in production in every branch you are to step in, we completely stop different results and unexpected disruptions thanks to the smart technology we provide. In order to find out the system bakery model of Wiak Bakemarkt, please take a look at our products and do not hesitate to contact us for much more detailed technical information.

What Does System Bakery Provide You?

As it can be understood from the phrase “System”, everything is on the line and flawless as it should be – everything is always under control. Whether you own a boutique cafe or a successful chain of stores, you are to keep your target audience having standart quality by means of using the privilege regarding smart technology’s conditions as well as systematic equipment and practical grading. So as to be the leader on the market, you need to offer the highest quality, fresh products to the customer within the shortest time, regardless of time and restrictions. System bakery is exactly built on this concept. For more detailed information about its privileges, please also check our “System Bakery” category from the menu on our website.