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About Us

Wiak Bakemarkt has been representing WIESHEU ovens, JAC Bread Slicing and Dough Processing Machines, HYbrid Astoria coffee machines, HLF self service coffee machines and Univerbar Uragan model dishwashers in Turkey and Middle East accomplishedly. With the model and understanding of system bakery, Wiak Bakemarkt laying the foundations regarding a new period in chain stores, always makes the excellence as standart for you.

Wiak Bakemarkt is the company that has been able to allow anyone to meet the pioneer brands in bakery products for years. We have given support while allowing you to reach innovation with Wiesheu ovens and make a contribution by means of touching the dough from the very beginning with JAC products. Now, by means of including Hybrid Astoria, HLF and Univerbar brands to our growing family, we are making you more powerful in having the cutting edge technology.

Wiak Bakemart has provided the best service to its customers about all the technical questions, tracing, support and troubleshooting issues country-wide in Türkiye by the helping of the developed network and technical infrastructure for many years. As Wiak Bakemarkt, we would like to introduce all of our stylish marks in a more detailed way.

Wiesheu manufactures products with titles such as Convection Oven and Deck Oven at available sub categories in certain models, upon high efficiency with oven combinations according to the needs of each business. Wiesheu means quality by means of createing a great comfort in both ease of use and cleaning to its precious customers. Thanks to the accurate amount of moisturising, it brings about excellent steaming on every type of dough, it forms the best baking results.

Wiesheu provides both ease of use and remarkable comfort through cleaning. Therefore, many consumers have consensus on Wiesheu. Every type of bread and bakery product is different. These differences bring a variety of recipes. This actually lifts the lid on the truth in which the equipment you will be using at your business should comprehend such differences every time to bake at a perfect ratio. Wiesheu is the brand having much success in making this every time.

JAC machines, as Professional bakery equipment manufacturer, have one common thing, they are all focused on innovation, high quality and robustness. Having been developed to lead maximum comfort for the customers, JAC machines truly symbolizes a name that will build confidence in you. With more than 70 years of experience, all of the customers’ needs are to be met every time.

Anytime during the day, in order to transform your joy of coffee into an unforgettable pleasure Hybrid Astoria coffee machines are at your service. With a warm smile, just with one touch, you are to set out in a unique journey with Hybrid Astoria. It is a sip of coffee, a handful happiness, it is prepared as good as a barista performance. Hybrid Astoria having a practical, simple and stylish design with the cutting edge technology in its body,it will add value to your day with right on the button milk temperature, milk froth and ideal coffee flavour.

With the high technology and elegant design they have – HLF self service coffee machines offer you the tastiest coffee at the ideal froth and flavor. It brings attraction on design into the forefront with its shining colors. HLF has developed an exclusively high-performance ProMilk System to offer an excellent milk foam. Depending on the model of your choice, you will be able to lead comfort regarding options in having both cold and hot milk foam which are to offer a great variety of beverages. In all HLF machines, a strong and solid coffee brewer will be found with a variable coffee chamber being able to dispense true Italian espresso and large American coffee. In addition to all these remarkable features, a wide touch screen with an intuitive interface layout makes every operation simple and easy.

Uragan dishwasher has an exclusive system to eliminate bacteria and odors by means of washing and rinsing with ozone gas sanitization. According to World Chemical Forum (WCF) this system is built on high efficiency reverse water osmosis with integrated filtration. This system that has come to the head through membrane filtration technology is being applied through high-pressure.

As Wiak Bakemarkt, we design units that are to result in high efficiency for customers, depending exclusively personal on use and needs together, these are not only based on solutions but also we are laying the foundation related to efficiency to bring your business to the best location in business.

Accompanied by the modern and hi-tech products that we offer, as Wiak Bakemarkt, we reach each point 7/24 with our technical service being professional and having a great network following the sales in Türkiye. We have succeeded in being trustworthy thanks to your trust by means of making a point through providing service without conceding in quality like we take the satisfaction related our customers into consideration at the highest level. Throughout the marathon that we never get tired of running, we are glad to provide service to our precious customers .